As the years go by, the state of the mental health of millennial is not looking so great. In fact, the comparison between Gen X and Y shows a drastic change and a significant decline in mental health.

For reasons known and unknown, both groups of people born in the years before 1980s were more emotionally and mentally stable than the current generation. Even though we live in the most advanced of times, and the world is a much safer and and secure place to live, younger people have fallen in despair and are finding it hard to cope with mental health issues. 

Depression and stress is the root cause of today’s many mental health problems, but what is causing that in the first place? Why has depression risen to such a significant degree that researchers predict an early death for millennials? 

If asked to link depression and stress of different levels to one reason, the two answers that are common is loneliness and job dissatisfaction. 

Being able to connect with anyone anywhere in the world just by the touch of fingers, a person still feels lonely and depressed to the point that it is negatively affecting their mental state. This, in spite of being easily accessible, no one remains reachable in real life. 

People have stripped themselves of humanity and have replaced themselves with digital beings. Everyone is available online but nobody seems to be available for real. Connections and interaction seem to require real-world interactions, which is why loneliness has increased.  

Lack of empathy has put the mental health of today’s generation in serious danger.

Stressing over money and burning out physically and mentally by working for a job that we don’t like and making just enough to pay rent has also taken a toll on mental health. 

The cost of higher education, housing, basic goods and services like food, alcohol consumption, a cellphone plan, internet, a computer, and so many more things that have become a part of our lives require significant investments and monthly fees that are unavoidable if you want to function at a basic level in life. All of this leads to serious anxiety and stress disorders.

Currently, there really isn’t much that can be done. Looking for a new job, finding ways to connect more with people in the real world, and finding healthy outlets such as with a hobby may help. Avoiding social media may be good too, as would setting quiet times were you put down your phone. Speaking with a mental health expert may also be a good idea.
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