When everything that can go wrong with the world we live in today is being blamed on the millennial generation it will appear as a surprising revelation to the world that it is not the younger generation that is accountable for mass spreading of the coronavirus in America. 

Generation Z is being more alert and serious about taking safety precautions and staying at home in contrast to its preceding generation. The youth are already very habitual and aware of being connected through online social media apps and staying indoors. It’s the parents or aunts and uncles and grandparents that think this pandemic is not something to give thought to, let alone act on the safety measures.  

Social distancing” is a term given to the action of staying away from each other and maintaining distance of at least six feet when you’re outside. People from the younger generation didn’t have to put in extra efforts to start social distancing because they already are distant from each other and more connected online. So distance isn’t an issue. But the people who belong to Gen Z are still finding it rather difficult to stay indoors and away from other people. Millennials already know how to spend their time (mostly watching Netflix).

Older folks are not happy being locked down in their houses with nothing to do and prefer going out for work and daily errands or even if it is just for grocery shopping and hoarding food. Students and young employees have conformed in their rooms and participating in online study sessions and continuing work from homes but for people who had a busy life routine which majorly involved spending time outside, being forced to stay indoors is a real challenge.