Trouble getting young children ready in the morning? A hard day at work? A stack of new bills waiting for when you get home?

Modern life comes with a lot of stressors.

What can you do at the end of the day when your shoulders are tense, mind is buzzing, and you can’t unwind? Instead of turning to alcohol, cigarettes, or weed, maybe consider trying essential oils

Essential oils are distilled from plants and contain no other additives (when you shop for high quality products,) except for the compounds that are naturally present in each type of plant. Research suggests that certain plants contain specific compounds that when inhaled or massaged onto the body may provide support for a healthy response to stress, aid with sleep, or simply help you to relax during the day.

What essential oils are best for helping you deal with what ails you? Let’s take a look at what Plant Therapy essential oils have to offer!


Stress occurs when the body feels overwhelmed, draining the body and mind of energy, and possibly ruining the rest of your day.

Essential oils can help you to deal with stress by helping regulate how the body responds to stressful situation. Two essential oils that may be great for this are bergamot and clary sage. Bergamon has a citrusy and floral aroma, and clary sage offers an earthy smell with hints of fruit and nuts.

Using either of these essential oils before, during, and after stressful situations occur may provide the best results.


Sleep doesn’t come easy for some people. You can turn to over the counter drugs or prescriptions, but some of these can be habit forming and may come with other side effects. Essential oils have neither of these downsides, and using them late in the evening to help ease you into a healthy sleep cycle may be just what you need.

Two essential oils that are perfect for your nighttime ritual are valerian and chamomile. Valerian offers a slightly sweet and earthy aroma, with the Plant Therapy variety being derived from the root of the plant, meaning it is less flowery for those who are sensitive to floral smells. Chamomile is very green, offering a sweet smell of vegetation and green apple. Chamomile tea is also excellent for relaxing the body before bedtime.

All Day Relaxation

Learning to relax at all times of the day is tough. But being the “master of zen” can do a person some good. Staying calm and maintaining a proper mindset can help to keep your blood pressure steady, muscles relaxed, and mind clear so that you can tackle any challenge in an efficient and timely matter. Basically, no more fuming and gritting your teeth when things don’t perfectly line up. 

Learning to stay zen isn’t easy and you will fail a lot. But this is a noble goal to work towards throughout your life. If you need a little extra help, turn to vetiver or lavender essential oils.

Vetiver is very woody with hints of smoke, and is particularly good for helping calm “mind chatter” when lying in bed. Lavender has a pleasant floral smell that is instantly familiar and also memorable.

Create A Wind Down Strategy

Winding down is hard. In fact, some people might end up feeling more stress and frustration as a result of their failed effort. Learning how to deal with the difficulties of life takes time, and in some cases may require medical treatments to deal with health problems, consultation with a therapist, or other life changes that lessen the burdens of life at work or in the home. Essential oils are just one of the tools you can use to try and relax. If you are still struggling, check out this guide to learn about some other techniques that you can combine with essential oils and see if these help you reach a better place in life.