It’s easy to hit the gym and look around at the people taking it to the limit and feeling a little out of place. 

How is anyone have that much energy, motivation, and focus?

Here’s a guess: natural pre-workout supplements.

These products work to help prepare your body for the hard work ahead. They fuel muscles, replenish essential nutrients, and help the body to recover with optimal muscle growth, to name just a few of their many intended functions.

If you want to get the most from your workout, read this article to learn about the natural pre-workout supplements you should be using!

Products to Consider

Protein Powder

Protein is an excellent source of energy and is also a building block for muscle tissue. Ingesting protein before workouts have also been found to aid muscle growth and recovery, which may allow you to work out at a greater intensity with less downtime between visits to the gym. You may even burn more calories than people who don’t consume protein before their workout.

With 25 grams of protein per serving, GHOST 100% Whey Protein may be a great addition to your regular pre-workout routine.

Blender Bottle for Sports Drinks

With your protein in hand, you will need a way to mix it with water or your drink of choice. The Blender Bottle is a smart way to mix heavy powders together without clumpiness. The Blender Bottle includes the patented BlenderBall. The BlenderBall is a wire whisk that stays inside of the bottle so that as you shake the bottle it stirs together anything in the container more efficiently than without the BlenderBall. You can use the Blender Bottle for other drinks too, like smoothies, cold tea mixes, and a lot more!

Klaire Labs Energy Supplements

Maintaining energy levels is a theme of this post, and that continues to be true with D-Ribose Powder from Klaire Labs. This product contains D-Ribose, a monosaccharide sugar that fuels cells to generate and transport energy throughout the body. If your body gets low on energy during a workout, your intensity will decrease. This product comes in powder form that you can add to your Blender Bottle and mix with your drink of choice.

Pure Encapsulations Supplements

The bodies of physically active people burn a lot of calories and nutrients to maintain normal functioning and recovery during and after exercise. This is why you need a carefully crafted formula that contains all of the nutrients that the body needs.

Pure Encapsulations offers Athletic Nutrients, a powdered nutritional formula, or the individually packaged alternative, Athletic Pure Pack. Both are multivitamin and mineral supplements that contain amino-acids, fish oil, a superfruit antioxidant blend, and CoQ10. Simply take 1 serving daily for optimal internal support.

Final Thoughts on Natural Pre-Workout Supplements

Along with the above list of natural pre-workout supplements, don’t overlook the importance of a good night’s rest, drinking plenty of water, and smart eating habits. 

Combine a healthy lifestyle with the recommendations above, and see if you can hit the gym with an intensity and commitment you never thought possible!