Phone addiction and social media addiction is a real thing, and people are addicted to their smartphones more than they like to admit. On average, a person checks their phone more than 60 times a day and sends more than 100 texts. Do you know what that means? It means that you are wasting valuable time using your phone and aimlessly scrolling on social media instead of being mindful of the world around you. 

We’re not saying you should completely give up your phone and stop using electronics, but sometimes you need a hiatus and to take a step back to refocus your life and bring things into perspective. 

Here are some of the most effective ways for you to take a break from your phone. 

Keep Your Phone Away 

It’s easy to get addicted to your phone when it’s always in your pocket. When you get into a habit of checking your phone every 15 minutes, it becomes physically hard to not reach for it instinctively. Keeping your phone away from you somewhere not easily reachable can help you to stay on a break from your phone. 

Turn Off the Notification 

Looking at your lock screen popping up with notifications can tempt you into checking it now and then. Put a stop to all those notifications and turn them off, especially the ones from group texts, and you will see how this will lessen your phone usage.  

Change Your Source of Information 

It’s good to know stuff. But there are other ways to stay updated about what is happening around you. Newspapers and watching the news is another great way to receive information. They also force you to focus on just what is being presented as you can’t easily flip over to another app, take a call, or send a text.

Find Distractions

There are so many things that you could be doing instead of using your phone. Make a list of books you’ve wanted to read and movies you’ve wanted to watch, then do them. Start watching a good online series, go to places, explore, or interact with real people. Add new habits to your daily routine and start distracting yourself away from the phone.  

Get Physically Active 

Taking care of your physical health is very important. And there are many ways that you can get into a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, Aerobics, dance classes, pilates, or just working out at the gym can help you to achieve your body goals. Sitting on the couch with a slouched back and curved neck is going to affect your back and isn’t helping your hobbies or work that is put towards more long-term goals. 

Still having trouble? Try an app designed for phone addiction. These apps can be programmed to turn off access to social media, limit notifications to only a few people for emergencies, or even turn off access to mobile data so you can’t use the internet.