Wearing heels offers a good number of benefits. For most peoples, it is all about looking stylish and trendy. For others, it is all about looking a bit taller and having the confidence that comes with that.

While wearing heels have its advantages, there are a few downside wearers will have to deal with. Painful feet is the biggest one for most people. Depending on the type of heels you wear and a few other factors, the pain can be so much that it will threaten the joy of looking good on heels. Here, we will discuss the most effective massage techniques that can reverse the pain:

Warmup Twists

This is one of the best techniques to use when starting a foot massage session. It is a pretty straightforward procedure that involves gently working with the foot in a twisting motion. This procedure basically warm feet for further massages.

Arch Rubs

This is ideally used to massage the underside of the foot. It is done by holding the foot on one hand while rubbing the length of the arch with the finger of the other hand. This is to be repeated severally, from the heel to the ball of the foot.

Toe Bends

This is the simplest form of foot massage. It is done to encourage flexibility and make wearing heels less painful. You will have to hold the heel in one hand and use the other hand to bend all the toes back and forth.

Pressure Points

This is one of the most efficient types of massage as it brings real relief to the foot and improves general comfort. You will have to target pressure points on the instep of the foot with a thumb.

Achilles Massage

Most often, pressure builds on the ankle as heels wearers walk on them. Massaging the Achilles offers lots of comfort and pain relief. You will need to repeatedly stroke the Achilles tendon in a gentle manner.

Finishing Strokes

This is the most appropriate technique for finishing a foot massage session. It is more of finishing strokes that involve the entire foot.

There are several other massage techniques that will help reverse pain for people who wear heels. The benefits are enormous, helping most people deal with both physical and mental challenges associated with wearing heels.