There are good reasons why you want to gain weight. 

For example, a bodybuilder may be consuming thousands of additional calories and packing on a lot of body fat so they can get through a full six days a week at the gym while they work on increasing lean muscle mass.

Boxers or football players may gain weight to enter a different weight class or put up a better defense against opponents. 

Then there are people who are underweight and want to find a way to return to a healthy weight while following responsible eating and exercise habits.

No matter your situation, many experts agree that there is a right way and a wrong way to gain weight. Healthy weight gain is sometimes called “clean bulk” – meaning that you are packing on the pounds by consuming nutrient-dense foods that help build quality weight as lean muscle, not fat.

Lean muscle contributes positively to many areas of the body, including:

  • Bone health.
  • Weight management.
  • Improved body mechanics.
  • Lower risk of falls as you age.
  • Chronic disease management, such as arthritis, diabetes, and more.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Mood health.
  • Heart health.

So what are some weight gain product ideas that will help you to gain quality weight? Keep reading to find out!

Weight Gain Product Ideas

Gaining weight and staying healthy means eating large meals that contain carbohydrates, fats, and protein, while also exercising at an intensity that burns excess calories without sacrificing muscle gains. 

While a fast-food burger with extra cheese and bacon will get you all the calories you need, there are better alternatives that prioritize good fats, clean protein, and fiber you will need to digest what you are eating properly.

Here are some suggestions for products you can buy at the store:


  • Fresh or dried fruits (note these are high in sugars).
  • Carrots, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other starchy vegetables.
  • Whole grain bread, pasta, and cereal.
  • Granola and trail mix.


  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Avocados.
  • Olive oil.
  • Coconut products.
  • Full-fat dairy products.


  • Salmon, sardines, and other seafood products.
  • Red meats.
  • Protein powders and bars (avoid products that are high in sugar.)
  • Eggs.

You can pick other foods too, but make sure that the bulk of what you eat is healthy, and you know how many calories are in each item. If you eat too little, you may end up losing muscle mass. Likewise, eating too much and not exercising properly may lead to weight-related health problems.

Finally, you will need to choose an exercise plan or program that works for you. There are plenty of free resources found online; whatever you pick, make sure to commit to the plan and do your best to hold a 100% attendance rating.

Weight Gain Rules to Follow

When trying to gain weight, consider some of the following suggestions and see if they help you along your weight gain journey.

  1. Eat 300-500 more calories above what you are burning each day (use a calorie calculator to help figure this out.)
  2. Eat five times per day, or about every 3 hours.
  3. Be consistent with your eating so you don’t skip meals or binge to play catch up.
  4. Eat after working out to prevent the body from consuming lean muscle for energy.
  5. Drink smoothies to increase caloric and vitamin intake if you don’t want to eat anymore.
  6. Only go heavy on carbohydrates on training days.
  7. Consume plenty of nuts and seeds for good fats and proteins.
  8. Eat a combination of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates with each meal.
  9. Prepare meals ahead of time so you don’t turn to fast food or snacks if you get pinched for time.
  10. Follow the simple rule: “train harder, eat harder.”

Finally, be patient with your weight gain. You may start the wrong way and find that your gut isn’t responding well to the increase in food, you aren’t gaining muscle mass as expected, or you are putting on body fat you don’t want.  

Make adjustments every few weeks until you find a balance that helps you get to the weight you want in the healthiest way possible.