Neem is a tree, also known as Azadirachta indica or Indian lilac, and belongs to the mahogany family of plants. 

Neem oil is an extract from the tree and acts as a natural insecticide that helps to protect the tree from bugs, animals, and microorganisms that might cause it harm.

However, when processed and used for specific human uses, like in health or beauty products,  neem oil may help to cleanse the body and skin. Practitioners of ayurveda also use neem oil to help balance pitta and kapha. 

So should you use neem oil? Keep reading to learn its potential health benefits. 

How Neem Oil Supports the Body

In Ayurvedic medicine, herbs are used to help balance the different energies of the body. Pitta and kapha are two of these energies. They affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. When using neem, you help to detoxify these areas of the body and promote overall balance.

As a result of this balance, you may also provide support for the following:

  • Healthy-looking skin – Neem has a cooling effect on the body, helping to clear excess heat, blemishes, and other markings on the skin.
  • Immune system – Supports detoxification and the clearing of ama, a negative element that forms in the digestive system and blocks the channels of the body.
  • Blood health – Promotes the circulation of blood, healthy glucose levels, and the metabolism of fat.
  • Lung health -–Help to clear channels in the respiratory system.
  • Healthy-looking hair – Helps to cool the scalp and follicles to support hair that looks smooth and lustrous.

Neem oil can be derived from the leaves, fruit, bark, and seeds of neem. Neem is available in a variety of forms, from pastes, oils, personal care products, and supplements. If you are curious about trying Neem, then check out Banyan Botanicals neem oil products.

Neem & Aloe Soap Bar is an ayurvedic soap that you can use on your hands, face, or anywhere else on your body to support the normal appearance of skin. Neem is a dietary supplement in tablet form that you ingest to support the immune system and detoxification. Organic Neem Oil is a neem and sesame oil blend that you massage into the skin. Sweet Ease may be ideal or reducing kapha, helping to maintain glucose levels, and the normal function of the pancreas.