Choosing a college is not an easy task due to several factors like graduation outcomes, acceptance rates, and academic offerings. However, most people usually overlook one crucial aspect – location. Although location is essential because of job prospects, they can also make or mar your college experience. The fact is that studying at the beach area may sound exciting and interesting. By considering this, we have compiled a list of four great colleges located close to a beach

College of Charleston (Charleston, SC)

The school is located in the center area of Charleston and is one of the oldest higher institutions in the country. The college’s campus boasts of beautiful environment featuring historic buildings and walkways. The campus environment has been featured in numerous soap opera sets and movies. 

University of Tampa (Tampa, FL)

The state is famous for having a large coastline area and houses several higher education institutions. Another exciting thing is that it is renowned for its many resorts and beaches. The University of Tampa is a favorite destination due to its location in a major metropolitan city. Its notable area – Moorish Revival architecture serves as a beacon and focal point for downtown Tampa.

Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA)

Bellingham is a popular tourist destination and is recognized for being the northernmost area in the contiguous US. It is bounded by the natural aesthetics of the Pacific Ocean, the splendid Cascade Mountain range, and the San Juan Islands. Western Washington University is located very close to Cornwall Beach. Due to the school’s ideal position, students can access a wide range of recreational activities. 

Monmouth University (West Long Beach, NJ)

Monmouth University is located in the Northeast area and is regarded as the second-best beach college area. It is close to the Jersey Shore and situated along the northern New Jersey coastline. Another fantastic feature is that it is close to Philadelphia and New York City, thereby implying that the students can easily access many recreational, cultural, and economic experiences and opportunities.

There you have it! At these colleges, you can experience the wonders of nature, spend quality time on the beach, and get a quality education coupled with a serene environment.  

On a related note, as you expose your body to the sun, be sure to give attention to skin care. Also be aware that excessive indulgence in beach activities and parties can become a distraction to education.