What are the most important factors people consider when applying to colleges? Cost, location, and the kinds of classes they offer are some of the most influential factors. People also consider the aesthetic appeal of college campuses.

If you are one of those people who value architectural masterpieces, then you will definitely want to know about the most beautiful college campuses you can apply to or visit. Here are six of the very best ones in the United States:

Syracuse University – Syracuse, New York

New York has several wonderful places, and this campus is one of the most interesting ones for young students. In addition to the architectural masterpiece, the people you will find here always look great too.

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the things that make Philly one of the most lovely places in the country. Supporting the bubbling academic life is an incredibly beautiful campus. It has a historic charm to it that will always get you.

Christopher Newport University – Newport News, Virginia

If you prefer a campus on a majestic campus, then the Christopher Newport University campus in Newport News, Virginia, is the right place to be. Honestly, it looks more like an expensive movie set, and it is close to the beaches of Virginia.

Spelman College – Atlanta, Georgia

If you love nature, then this will certainly be one of your favorite University campuses. The landscaping is nothing short of spectacular. It feels more like a sacred garden with lots of positive energy around.

Berry College – Mount Berry, Georgia

Yet another good-looking University campus in Georgia, the Berry College campus in Mount Berry, is one of the biggest and most beautiful academic sanctuaries in the United States. It covers over 27,000 acres of land and has many gothic buildings.

Elon University – Elon, North Carolina

Considering that this campus is also designated as a botanical garden, it is not surprising that it features on our list of the most beautiful university campuses in the States. You will love the greenery and the buildings they decorate.

There you have it! Above are some of the most beautiful college campuses. There are many more good-looking university campuses in the U.S.A., including Georgetown University, Washington, Duke University, NC, San Diego University, California, and many more. If the beauty of the campus is one of the most important factors to you, visit these colleges before choosing where to apply.