Our regular celebrities may not be the most fashionable individuals on earth, but they are trendsetters. Some are also fashion experts in their own right, which is why we keep up with them and try to see what they are doing differently each year.

2020 has been sort of different from other years in recent time. The coronavirus had a serious impact on different sectors of the economy, including fashion. In spite of that, some of our favorite celebrities were not completely silenced by the pandemic.

Here, we will discuss a few celebrity fashion trends we loved in 2020. These are trends we also believe will make waves going into 2021:

Cindy Crawford’s Skinny Jeans

In her 50s, Cindy Crawford continues to wow with her fashion sense. She was recently photographed in Sunny SoCal, wearing skinny jeans and flip flops in the most amazing manner. She completed the outfit with a striped button-down and white handkerchief in place of a face mask, and we love it so much.

Kerry Washington’s Oversize Snakeskin Pants

Oversize snakeskin pants are likely going to be the craze come fall. Kerry Washington just showed us the best way to rock these paints. She combined hers with a perfectly oversized purple sweater, and it was quite the polished and elevated outfit we all want.

Sophie Turner’s Gingham Trousers

No one rocks the plaid pants better than Sophie Turner. She was photographed on different occasions, wearing them in the most stylish manner. One of the coolest ways she rocked the outfit was with a plain black top and sneakers – casual and timeless. You can also use a checked suit to match your trousers if you want to put a spin on casual Friday in your workplace.

Harley Bieber’s Cute Leopard Face Mask

This is something no one predicted last year: that we will be interested in the cloth face mask a celebrity wore on a particular occasion. But then, coronavirus happened, and we are still fighting to stay safe. Harleys Bieber’s leopard face mask was designed by Michael Stars and caught our attention. Even as we hope for the end of the pandemic, we know the face mask will look great for 2021.

There you have it! Above are some of the celebrity fashion trends we loved in 2020. As we head into 2021, these fashion trends are likely to be in vogue. If you’re not ready to join the train, you may be left behind.