Most college students suddenly realize that they know very little about house cleaning when they are faced with the task of cleaning their dorm rooms. Much to the disappointment of many students, dorm rooms, which are characteristically small, can be very difficult to clean.

Whether you are going to be in charge of a dorm room for the first time or you have cleaned similar rooms in the past, we have a few tips here that can help you do it as efficiently as possible.

Clear Out Anything That Needs To Be Thrown Away

This is critical if you are moving into a dorm room for the first time or you are returning after a vacation. Find a trash bag and get rid of anything that needs to be thrown away.

Create and Maintain a Filing System for Your Papers

You will definitely have a lot of papers to deal with as a student, from your reading materials to receipts and other important documents. Find ways to keep them in order.

Use Your Laundry Bin

The best way to ensure that your wardrobe is well organized is to have a sizable laundry bin. Don’t let dirty clothes litter your dorm room.

Empty Your Trash Basket Regularly

Using a trash basket will help to keep your home tidy, but you need to empty it regularly to ensure that your dorm is neat and healthy without unpleasant odors.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

The bed is usually the focal point of dorm rooms. By taking a couple of minutes to make it every morning, you will improve the appearance of your room significantly.

Organize Your Desk

You will definitely spend a lot of time on your desk as a student. Keeping it clean and organized will positively affect your life in many ways.

Wash Your Dishes Once They Are Dirty

Don’t keep empty dishes longer than necessary. Wash them as soon as possible to keep your dorm room clean and healthy.

Wipe Down Counters and Appliances

You also need to wipe down counters and appliances to keep them clean and free of germs.

Sweep/Vacuum/Mop as Necessary

This is a no-brainer. Clean your dorm room as often as necessary.

Use Air Freshener or Room Deodorizer

You need your dorm room to smell inviting, and investing in an air freshener or room deodorizer will be helpful.

There you have it! Above are some important dorm room cleaning tips. Cleaning your dorm room is important to keep the place healthy, comfortable, and livable. The above tips will help you get started with your dorm room cleaning. The purchase of Rebel Green and Natural House products may also prove helpful.