If you know the history of Facebook, you will understand the significance of the launch of its new product called ‘Campus.’ Mark and his team have launched a new section of the main app that is specifically designed to let college students interact with peers at their schools. Basically, Facebook is going back to its roots, and it is a good thing to see.

Facebook Campus

With Facebook Campus, students in each school can access Campus-only News Feed and join groups, events, chat rooms, and other features that pertain to their schools and campus life only. There is also a Campus Directory where they can find and connect with other students as friends.

Facebook Campus has been designed in a way that makes it impossible to infiltrate. To gain access, users will have to provide their .edu email address as well as their graduation year. They will then be required to create a new profile for the section.

While their normal profile and cover photos will follow them to the new profile, they can add and remove such information as major, hometown, dorm, and more. The more information they share, the easier it becomes to find people with similar interests and backgrounds.

Explaining the reason for a separate profile, the PM of ‘Campus,’ Charmaine Hung, stated that students might not want to share hyper-specific college information on their public profile. 

Which Universities Will Get Facebook Campus First?

At the moment, Facebook is piloting ‘Campus’ in about 30 universities in the United States, including the University of Louisville, Northwestern, Virginia Tech, and John Hopkins. It is not yet available in many top colleges, including Harvard. Students in such institutions will have to wait at the moment.

Extra Features

Facebook ‘Campus’ will work closely with proper Facebook. For instance, if a student blocks another student on Facebook, the setting will apply on campus, and vice versa. Penalty for violating Facebook’s community standards outside ‘Campus’ will also apply in the section. Alumni will be allowed to remain on the platform, though Facebook will send them a notification to suggest they leave, since the platform will not be so relevant to them.

Facebook ‘Campus’ is an interesting product that can change Facebook’s fortunes on campuses around the world. It is good to see the social media giant going back to its roots, and we will watch how successful the move will be.