Turning twenty really turns your life upside down. Many of us leave home, but we also say goodbye to childhood friends, we mature, make new-made friends, find a partner, and are set free on a great big world full of responsibility. But not is all rosy. College, one or multiple jobs, and bills can make your 20s the most challenging decade of your life, both personally and professionally. 

It does get easier more quickly if you are looking out for tips on how to adult. To help make life a little less overwhelming, we have compiled an adulating checklist that you can look over to make sure you do not screw up your early years too badly!

Kill Your Ego 

Starting with the tough one, aren’t we? Remember, if you let your ego come in the way of your life, you are going to pay a huge cost for it. Start to put aside your vanity in your 20s to make things easier for yourself in the long run. This is true for when you go out job hunting. What you think you deserve is often not what you are offered. Use this as a learning experience because it will humble you. If you stick it out for a while, you will come out the other side better for the experience!

Live Your Own Life 

Live a life that you dictate, however poorly you perform at it. Young adults often commit the grave mistake of using people and their expectations as yardsticks to flourish in their lives. Abort. 

Let Go of the Past

Live with no regrets. Read that again. Once you hit your 20s, you must train yourself not to look back longer than it is necessary, or else the past will keep up with you and drag you down. 

Focus on Your Health

It is high time you join the gym or take a jog early mornings. The teenage was a time when you could overlook some essentials of living, but strictly not now. 

Write Down Your Goals

Have you penned down your life goals? Without clarifying what you want from life, you cannot function optimally at all. 

Learn to Cook

This does not need further explanation. Learn to cook and bake or you will just be relying on frozen meals or fast food, which will catch up to you as you age.

Learn to Live Alone and Appreciate Failures

Life is not always a bed of roses, and not always will you have a partner by your side. Jump out of a toxic or bad relationship as fast as you can without fearing living alone. Make yourself compromising and flexible towards the harsh realities of life.

How many boxes have you check-marked against this adulating checklist? Let us know!