Juggling academic activities with extracurricular work can be so much to deal with. Many students wind up losing track of work due to inexperience with time-management. Whether you are going to college or a trade school, managing time is important. When a student has so much homework assigned to them, they can find it hard to keep track of progress and accomplishing their assigned tasks. So what is the solution to this? 

Homework planner apps!

Homework and class tracking apps are geared towards helping students improve time management and productivity. Below is a list of homework and class tracking apps to consider using.

My Study Life

My Study Life is a homework-planning app that helps students keep track of their academic activities. It features a user-friendly interface and data syncing options so that students can access their tasks wherever they are. It is available for smartphones and desktops. This planner is highly suitable for college students.

Power Planner

For college students who want to properly manage their college life, Power Planner is here to the rescue. It helps students manage their classes and get notifications about their assignments. It is also a suitable choice for students who want to keep all information about their academic activities in one place.

School Assistant

Just as the name suggests, this is an educational app built for college students to manage their school life. With its multi-language settings, users from any part of the world can use it to manage their academic works.


This an app that helps college students organize their educational routine the way they deem fit. This app helps them to track their class schedule, prioritize homework, and obtain information about upcoming classes. It is a one-size-fits-all app for college students to have on their devices.

Class Manager

With this app, students prioritize their assignments, classes, and determine when their assignments are completed. Users are allowed to customize their view. The app isone of the most used academic planners to schedule academic activities.

There you have it! Above are some useful homework and class tracking apps for students. Proper time management is crucial for every student. With lots of activities to do, a student can easily forget his or her homework and classes. Fortunately, these homework and class tracking apps can help students stay on top of their studies.