Apart from keeping your AirPods clean to improve aesthetics and show off to your friends, it is necessary to keep it from free of germs that could cause problems to your immune system, which you would then have to combat with products made for the immune system, such as Argentyn 23 or Quicksilver Scientific.

So how do you clean AirPods? Below we will avail you different ways of how to make your AirPods squeaky clean.

Use Alcohol-based Disinfecting Wipes

Using alcohol-based disinfecting wipes will keep the exterior surface of your AirPods clean and safe to use. Avoid getting the disinfectant into any opening of the listening device as this can damage it rather than remedy it from germs. Instead of alcohol, you can also use essential oils.  Aura Cacia is a good place to start shopping. Citrus-based essential oils are the best at killing germs and removing dirt.

Use a Soft Cloth

Another tip to make your AirPods squeaky clean is to clean using a soft cloth. To avoid having scratches on the exterior surface of your nice looking AirPods, use soft, lint-free, and dry cloth. Any cloth other than this can be rough on the AirPods’ surface creating a platform where germs can latch onto, breed, and become a potential threat to your health.

Clean the Ear Tips

Also, ensure that you clean the ear tips routinely. Rinse the tips of the AirPods using water. Do not rinse with household cleaners or soap as this can cause damage to it. Before reattaching each ear tip to the AirPods make sure that they are wiped completely dry.

Clean With Dry Cotton Swab

For the speaker and microphone, a clean and dry cotton swab should be used to clean them. This is capable of removing any debris on the speaker mesh. This can be supported with a dry and soft-bristled brush to ensure that the AirPods are clean.

Brush Hard

AirPods user instructions specify that you should brush them gently, but the truth is that adding a little pressure will go a long way to ensure that any debris accumulated during use is removed. The debris is minuscule organisms that require amping up scrubbing pressure to ensure they are scrubbed off keeping the AirPods clean.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to make your AirPods squeaky clean. Over time, AirPods become dirty due to the accumulation of dirt and earwax. Unfortunately, debris or earwax buildup on your AirPods is never good for them. The earlier you clean them off the better it is for users and your health. The tips above will enable you to clean your AirPods engaging a hassle-free process.