An old and wise man once said, “Numbing the pain for a while will only make it worse when you finally feel it.” That man is none other than Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster from the famous Harry Potter series. A life lesson can be found in this quote. To put it simply, you shouldn’t numb the pain or ignore it. Instead, learn how to face it with courage and bravery, for it will be over sooner, and the outcome will be better. 

And it requires a significant amount of courage and strength to remove a band aid from your skin, especially if the bandaid is in the wound or you have hairs on your skin.

For adults, removing a band aid can be overcome because, psychologically, we have dealt with many different types and intensities of pain to the point that it can be like peeling off a candy wrapper.

But for children, every little pain is new and frightening, resulting in a lot of distress and tears. It was already bad enough that they fell and scraped their knee or got a paper cut and had to cover it up with a band aid that now they also have to worry about how much it will hurt when it’s time to peel off the band aid. 

And for this reason, they might not want to remove the old band aid and replace it with a new one, which is just plain unclean. 

To make it bearable for your tiny tots, we’ve listed some tips and tricks for how to remove a band aid without as much pain. So the next time your little ones struggle with getting the bandaid off, you can use one of these tips and remove the band aid painlessly. 

  1. Pour baby oil over the bandaid. Using any other oil can be a little risky, depending on the type of wound so that baby oil may be best. The oil with loosen the stickiness of the band aid and make it easier to pull off. 
  2. Get a good grip on the band aid and pull it off quickly. It might be a bit jarring at first, but they will quickly see that it is all the better with little fuss. 
  3. You can also drop a few drops of alcohol on a cotton pad and dab it around it to dissolve the adhesive. Be careful if the wound is fresh as the touch of alcohol can cause a little irritation. 
  4. Soak the hand in a bowl of warm water to soften the band aid and remove it effortlessly without pain. 

As mentioned before, if the wound is bigger, part of the bandaid can “stick” to the injury. This can make removal much more difficult, but all the more important to keep the wound clean and to make sure it heals properly.

Finally, changing out the band aid and carefully cleaning the wound each day is essential. Using a gel-like treatment product is also recommended before applying the bandaid. These gels help to keep the wound moist so it health correctly, and also aids with keeping bacteria out. 

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