The popularity of food photography is at an all-time high. Here are a few tips to follow when you’re wanting to take amazing photos of food to post on Instagram.


As a general principle, aim for natural light and attempt to take your pictures in the morning (around 10am) or mid-day (around 3pm). If you can’t get your food out, don’t fret: shooting close to a window will probably work too. Bear in mind that taking photos around these times will allow for milder natural lighting and can assist in avoiding shadows.

Dress Up Your Dishes

A common strategy to dress up your food to make it look extra appealing is to use garnishes. Think of garnishes as accessories for your food. Your pictures will look significantly better with them. This is particularly true with monochromatic dishes like sauces or soups. Dressing up your dishes adds to the ‘deliciousness’ factor!


Taking a straight-down, overhead shot of a dish doesn’t detail the feel and thickness of that particular food, however, it does produce an intriguing composition if you’re shooting a table filled with dishes. Shooting your photo from an angle can add light variations, thickness, and overall interest. Remember, the goal is to get a mouth-watering reaction — angles can make food look so real you can almost taste it! 


High-quality photos are often edited with some kind of photo editing software. Sometimes you need more than just an Instagram filter. I recommend using Lightroom if your budget allows it. Lightroom has a few versions, but it’s a strong editing tool that can truly enhance your photos.

Understand Your Camera or Phone

 Don’t worry if the best camera you’ve got is a phone. Built-in cameras are continuously improving, even with night photos. Just take a look at the iPhone 11 pro. With a phone, you’ll still be capable of taking professional-looking photos no extra equipment required.

I hope these tips were helpful. The most important thing to do is try! You’ll get more skilled over time!