It is not news to anyone in the world that the COVID-19 pandemic has been ravaging the world since December 2019, most countries in the world have reported cases of coronavirus. Since the advent of this pandemic countries have locked down and restricted movement within their borders, this has afforded many people time away from work, other people that go to work have fewer work hours, except active healthcare workers.

In light of these, it is essential to growing certain skills so that at the end of this pandemic you would be a better person than when it started.  You might have desired to grow some skills but have never had the opportunity, well now is the time, there is no need to wait for another time you would be free from work, you don’t need to wait till you retire, start now and grow those skills. 

In this article, we will explore some great skills you could grow during this pandemic from how to play instruments like the acoustic guitar to learning a new language and first aid.

Skills to Grow

  1. How to Administer First Aid: given the present situation of the pandemic most people are at home with family and/or friends. Imagine a family member or friend is doing some odd jobs in the house, fixing some broken furniture or fixing the blown out lightbulbs and then they fall and dislocated a shoulder or sustains some injury, of course, you would want to help them the best way you can but because of your lack of knowledge in first aid, you have no solid idea how you can help them. Isn’t this unfortunate and sad considering you could have easily mastered the skill of administering first aid?

Your first-aid ability could save a loved one’s life, it is very important to have this skill. Even though you cannot attend in-person first aid training as this is the most effective way to learn first aid,  there are many ways you can learn this skill without in-person training, you could take the course online from the comfort of your home, these courses include videos that give an in-depth knowledge of first aid. No matter the injury there is something you can do in the way of first aid so use this time to learn it.

  1. Learning How to Play Acoustic Guitars: It is often said that within everyone lies a musician and most people are lovers of music. This period is the right time to get started with learning that instrument if you are a fan of acoustic guitars you can get a vintage guitar and start learning. Acoustic guitars are fun to play and produce such a unique sound. 
  2. Learning a New Language: most people want to learn new languages but just never get around to learning them, learning a new language can be an exhilarating experience that engages several aspects of your brain. This time is your opportunity to get started and master that language you’ve always wanted to, be it Spanish, French, English, Latin, Swahili, or Igala. From the comfort of your home, you can do this.
  3. Learning to Cook: if you do not know how to cook already this is a good time to start learning and if you already know how to but desires to polish your skills, you can do that now by trying out new styles and recipes.


Do not let this pandemic pass without improving yourself, learning a skill, or more, and being better. You might never get this opportunity again so try out some of the skills we have suggested, though they are not exhaustive learning them is a good place to start.