Moving is never easy; you have to juggle a lot of things, from budgeting to getting a new place to live, getting a moving company, unpacking, and so on. The process is very tedious and stressful, especially when it comes to packing up all your belongings in a secure way. Fragile items are particularly time consuming, but worth the time and effort. I’m going to review some of the best ways to pack up fragile items.

First, use small boxes to pack heavy, fragile items. This way there will be no room for those heavy items to move around in the box, and it will substantially reduce the chances of them getting damaged as it would increase better handling of those items.

Use strong boxes; this is very important because if the box is not strong, the likelihood of it giving and your fragile item breaking or getting damaged substantially increases.

Adequately secure the bottom of the box, make sure that whatever box you use to pack your fragile item is adequately secured. You want to make sure that you use extract tapes I’m padding so the boxes are as strong and secure as they can be; this would save you a lot of stress angrily reduce the chances of your fragile items breaking.

Use padding to secure your items in the box. As already stated, if there is room inside your box for your fragile item to move, the chances of it damaging increases, so you want to pad the inside of the box, so there is no space for the items to move, and the padding will help reduce external force from affecting the item in the box. Double wrapping with packing paper along with bubble wrap is suggested.

Put the heavier items at the bottom of the box. When you’re packing your fragile items, it is very important that the heavier and bigger items are at the bottom of the box because they are usually the stronger ones. It is obvious that if you put a bigger, heavier item on a smaller, more fragile item, the bigger one would crush the smaller one; going by this logic, always make sure that the bigger items are at the bottom of the box if you are going to pack fragile items together. This is short to save you a lot of stress and reduce the likelihood of damage to your fragile items.

Fill up your fragile hollow items; this is very important because when you fill-up the space in your fragile hollow items, it increases the strength of that item. Due to the filling of the hollow spaces with your fragile item, the vibrations that could damage them in transit reduces, and in turn, reduces the likelihood of any items sustaining any damage.

Labeling is the final tip here. This is a very important because if you do not label your fragile items, the moving company would not know to prioritize or handle them with care.

If you don’t have the time to pack your things, hire a moving company to do it for you. It’s worth the money to ensure all of your belongings aren’t broken.

Pack fragile items carefully and thoughtfully. It takes more time, but you won’t regret it in the end.