Whether you want to visit the beach for vacation or relax your body in the gym pool, water has a way of pulling itself to us. Thus, if you desire to spend your university years near the water and enjoy the benefits it offers – from rowing to fishing; read on to find out a list of universities that offers their personalized experiences.

USC Columbia – Bass Fishing

This institution is located in Columbia, South Carolina. USC boasts of more than 350 student organizations, including fraternities, clubs, intramural sports, etc. The USC’s official bass fishing team is ‘the Anglers’, and they provide an opportunity for any student willing to take part in this sport. If you had experience before enrolling in the school, this might be the appropriate sport for you.

Georgetown University – Sailing

Located in the capital city of the USA, Georgetown is a reputable institution offering excellent research and academic programs. Besides the robust academic structure, this university houses a sailing team with outstanding awards, including three-match racing national titles and 14 national championships.

Texas A&M – Swimming

Texas A&M is an institution focused on research-intensive courses and boasts of more than 1,000 student organizations. Also, the diving and swimming team is adjudged as one of the best in the country. The members have broken and set remarkable records, thereby offering a rare opportunity to learn from the best.

Rutgers University – Rowing

At least 1000 students participate in sporting activities, whether intramural or competitive. Thus, the Rowing team is one of the best among its peers. Another fantastic thing is that it offers several athletic scholarships if you fancy this sport.

Montana State University – Kayaking

This school is the perfect place for anyone interesting in Kayaking simply because it has the required facility and a serene environment. You will be able to access facilities like canoes, paddleboards, kayaks, and more and can exploit the advantage of their outdoor recreation program.

There you have it! Above are some top universities with the highest rated water sports. Please select from this list of universities and ensure that you meet their admission requirements. Also, your preferred sporting activities should be considered to enable you to make an informed decision.