The current pandemic of COVID-19 has increased the interest in online learning. With so much uncertainty about how we will continue to learn over the next few years, finding the right online learning portals is increasingly important.

Some of the websites that most people flock towards, including the following: 


Coursera is a website that is directly linked with some of the finest universities all over the world. They offer a wide variety of courses for people who want to acquire knowledge and create new opportunities for themselves. 

Khan Academy

This website very helps in dealing with the issues students often face in understanding complex concepts and subject matter. 


This website is quite similar to Coursera it has certain perks as it allows people to build their own custom lessons. It offers a mixture of paid and free resources. 


This is a very different platform specifically designed for people that have a creative streak in them, and they are looking for ways to polish those traits. They offer classes for illustration, designing, photography, and so much more. 


Masterclass offers a wide range of courses from well-known public figures. The courses range from film and the culinary arts to sports and dog training, with so much more in between. An individual can have access to all classes at the cost of $15 charged each month. They also have some of the finest instructors teaching their classes.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is another extremely helpful website that lists the courses that are available on the platform with a combination of school and subject. 


Another helpful website designed to cater to all students looking for a wide variety of courses and topics to learn from is edX.

Other than these, some universities independently run online learning platforms like Stanford Online, Harvard Extension, and Open Yale. These courses allow people access to quality education from the comfort of their homes that is also right for their educational needs

With the world going digital, moving to online education is not far behind. This enabling factor has made it easier for people who otherwise might not be able to afford the courses or admission can acquire knowledge through some of these platforms that are offering courses free of cost.