mitch mcconnells front stoop turns gay dance party

Mitch McConnell’s Front Stoop Turns into Gay Dance Party


While the Civil Rights movement of the ‘60s had sit-ins, today’s civil resistance has another tool: dance-ins.

The weather may have been unseasonably chilly for Washington D.C.—and they definitely had better places to be on the 4th of July—but a spirited crowd of LGBTQ people and allies got down with their bad selves in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house in protest of his recent health care bill. Crowd size estimates range from 50 to a few hundred. 

More specifically, the LGBTQ dance party, organized by the group WERK for Peace, hoped to draw attention to the catastrophic impact the bill would have on the health of gender and sexual minorities.

“By going to his house, we’re giving the message: ‘We’re going to mess your life if you’re going to mess with ours,’” event organizer Carla Aronsohn said.

Although the effects of the bill, which would strip 22 million Americans of their healthcare, would harm people of all walks of life, experts warn of disproportionate harm to the LGBTQ community.

As it stands now, the ACA (or Obamacare) guarantees healthcare for those with HIV/AIDS and stops insurers from discriminating against trans people.

The group hosted a similar dance protest in front of then-Vice President Elect Mike Pence’s home less than 2 days before his inauguration.

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