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No Lyfts in the Wild: Why Ride Services in the Age of Trump Will Always Be Problematic


Here we are today: It’s 2017. Warring political factions make getting a safe, guiltless ride across town in a private car a near impossibility. Getting an Uber, politically speaking, is verboten. Getting a Lyft, it turns out, isn’t much better.

So how does an average, hard-working, MTA-hating Joe find his way around in this urban wilderness without inadvertently serving the man?

There may not be an easy answer. Sure, there are location-specific pop ups like Boston’s Fasten (who just sent out a Human Rights-forward newsletter to their users) and Gett, but they’re not about to reach the scale of an Uber or Lyft any time soon-and forget about an affordable, ride-sharing option on those babies.

So what are we saying? That in the age of Trump, we’re not going to be able to get a f****** ride?

Yeah, kind of. Unless you want to shell out for a good old, driver-owned, small business-feeding street taxi. If that’s not your cup of tea, well, the most encouraging thing we can really say to you at this point is Tough Shit.

Adrienne Rich once famously said the personal is political. At the time, it was a radical statement to make. Today, we’ve gone far past this. Under the current administration, every act we undertake as money-spending, tax-paying individuals in a corporatized American dictatorship is going to have political reprecussions. Whether or not we feel these personally, immediately, or at all remains to be seen. We’re too self aware not to think about the problems our actions create in this world, in this desperate time.

So suck it up, and look at the bright side: A greater monster than the many-headed hydra of the MTA has at last been created. Now let’s rally against it.

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