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In Praise of the Sleeper Train


Of all the glamorous rituals that Christmas calls to mind- elegant cocktails, fireside chats, groups of children assembled to sing at the doors of strangers, antiquated birds roasted and presented at table- there is one that quite seriously trumps (forgive the use of the word) all the rest. And that is the fond national memory of the sleeper train, that now barely-existent service that would carry Christmas loners across the country, as best typified in the classic 1954 film White Christmas.

Seriously, is there anything more romantic than a cross-country train ride in winter? Well, frankly yes-a European cross-country train ride in winter.

Thankfully, the good folks at Town & Country have put together a handy list of European sleeper trains that will be making their way across destinations this Christmas-if you act fast, you just might be able to catch one.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Caledonian Sleeper

Looking to jet out of London on a midnight train to Edinburgh? Look no further than the glamorous Caledonian Sleeper, whose plush sleeping and dining cars are the height of elegance.

Nightjet Italy 

Vienna to Rome is a breeze when you’re spending the 14-hour ride in the height of luxury. Enjoy the beauty of two of the oldest and most beautiful European cities from the comfort of your own train compartment.

Swedish State Railways

Enjoy the beauty of the Swedish countryside for a full service, 20-hour journey beginning in Stockholm and ending in Narvik.

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