College traditions and rites are some of the activities that make college life enjoyable. It doesn’t matter whether the ceremony was based on superstition or a rite of passage from previous sets. Students always look forward to these holidays and partake religiously in them. Some college holidays may be rooted in culture, while others may be based on school fraternity programs that promote their competitive spirit. 

Apart from those that we have mentioned, other long-standing traditions for holidays are observed around the country but may not be as significant to some colleges. For instance, there’s a Thanksgiving Day celebration, but only a few colleges commemorate it with some presentation. Let us take a look at Colleges that uniquely celebrate these holidays. 

Smith’s College’s Thanksgiving Day Match-up 

Smith’s College has a long tradition of inclusion on thanksgiving days. The Boston college decided to spice up the family tradition by including giving as a culture for its students. The practice means that they invite all the students (mostly international students) and staff that are still on campus during the Thanksgiving break and celebrate with them in a feast known as the Match-up. The gesture is filled with love and brings everyone together in the spirit of thanksgiving.

Stanford University Tree 

The Stanford university tree is a tradition that is not counted as a holiday but rather a cultural practice around the Stanford tree. They perform this by gathering students around their 40 pounds Christmas tree and performing acts of love that breed togetherness. Over time, the tree was nicknamed the Stanford Tree, with yearly activities planned around the Holidays. 

Lebanon Valley College’s March to Kreiderheim 

Celebratory holidays have always been a tradition at Lebanon Valley College. Usually, colleges already have marked out holidays that they practice, but that is not enough for Lebanon Valley. The student body always petitions for a day off to walk to Kreiderheim whenever they win a match against their rival college Albright College. Kreiderheim is traditionally the home of their college president. This is a 50-year tradition that the institution has observed to celebrate the thrill of victory. 

Regis University’s “All Hall Scream” 

Nothing excites college students as much as the end of the finals week. Regis University is a holiday that sees an avalanche of activities that starts with the “Hall Scream.” Students race the halls of residence screaming and celebrating to mark the end of the week-long 24 hours silence policy. The students have passed down this tradition for years. The “Hall Screaming” tradition will continue with a breakfast where food is shared with the students in the season’s spirit.

There you have it! Above are some colleges that celebrate the holidays like no other. Nothing beats the college excitement that comes with holidays. It will help if you take the time to observe the holidays and traditions in your school and create an experience of a lifetime. In some instances, you may even need to take time to recover.