The Christmas period is that time of the year that people get to spend time with friends and family in the spirit of the season. Many students prefer to spend their Christmas holidays with their families, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a select few that may not be opportune to travel home, most especially international students. 

For this reason, most campuses take time to decorate their environment with the best Christmas decorations and lights. It aids their resident students in the spirit of the season and makes a great spectacle for visitors during the holidays. In this post, we will look at some campuses with the best holiday lights and the type of spectacle they make for students who are around during the holidays. 

New York University 

New York University has some of the very best aesthetics of the Christmas season. From the decoration of the school environment, from Macy’s parade to the tree at the Rockefeller Center, you can see that NYU delivers the best Christmas spirit with its decorations. There are huge Christmas lights almost around the campus as you move around. This makes NYU one of the best places where one can enjoy the holidays. Those who are excessive in their celebrations may even need help recovering!

Baylor University 

Taylor University follows in the long tradition of the city of Texas to make their college a great place that induces that Christmas spirit. Despite the few chances of snowfall, Baylor University starts early to decorate everywhere with Christmas trees and, most importantly, lights. The trees are usually activated through an annual lighting ceremony brightening up the environment in 5th street at night. Unconsciously Christmas takes over with the beautiful lights. 

Belmont University 

Christmas at Belmont has become a catchphrase to describe Christmas moods and celebrations on TV because of Belmont University. This is an annual Christmas festival featuring the celebration of Christmas, where students display their musical talent. The occasion is heralded with Music and celebration and then the annual Lightening of the Christmas Tree Ceremony. The program is aired on national TV, displaying the Christmas spirit in its highest form. 

Columbia University

Columbia University embodies Christmas cheer in its full form. The event is heralded by both the students and outsiders alike. The Tree Lighting Ceremony is the highlight, and it lights up the trees in the university compound, making a great spectacle to behold. Acapella groups from the school will perform at the trees. The Yule Log Ceremony ends the fantastic spectacle amidst carols from groups. 

There are so many other shows that happen during the holidays, but the lights will always be everyone’s favorites. It sets the mood for the holiday season. The universities mentioned above have some of the best holiday lights on their campus.