what should we call dragtrump

What Should We Call #DragTrump?


With all the apocalyptic news clogging our brains, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and imagine what the leader of the free world would look like as a drag queen. Donatella Trumplethinskin would surely resemble a swamp monster, but what kind of swamp monster?

Trey Speegle, artist and author at the WOW Report, recently posed this question to his friends on Facebook, and their responses were predictably great. So far, our favorite names for #DragTrump are:

Pussy Grabor

Anita Lawyer

Oval Orafice

Dee Zaster

Now it’s your turn! Comment below with your best #DragTrump names and we’ll announce the winners in an upcoming story.



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  • Leonard Lee Buschel

    The suggestions sound more like Chapters in his biography. I”ll play. Towering Inferno. or Big Ass Prisoner.

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